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Re: Crusader transport

Chinese Gordon
Where can I see pics of the crusader transport set 1 and 2 , I have forgtten what they look like ? thanks in advance

CG, The easiest way to find any new 'full-size' sets is:

* From the Home Page, choose "Products" from the Menu bar
* Then click on the "Strelets*R" Products (button)
* Scroll all the way down to sets #126-Crusader Transport 1, #127-Crusader Transport 2, and #128-Norman Train
* Click on any Button in the respective sets and all the Masters will be posted there

You can also find them via choosing "Campaigns" from the Menu bar, but then the sets will be split between the "Dark Ages" and "Medieval" options.

You can find any new "Strelets Mini" and "Strelets Arms" set's postings this way also. I'll assume any new kit WWI Tanks or Vehicles will be posted under the Strelets Arms banner along with their Guns when they become available.

The convenience of the old site was you only had to navigate to the "Futures" section and you could find all new sets with Masters and any progress in one place (the new site neglected to carry-over this convenient feature). As nice as the new site is, I'm hopeful it will be updated with a "Futures" option added to the Menu Bar right between the "Contributions" and "Forum" buttons. Checking the status of new sets was my favorite thing to do on a daily basis on the old site.

Hope this helps. The new transport sets look very nice and should add something new to everyone's collections. I'm looking forward to buying them.

Happy Collecting

Re: Crusader transport

cheers, They were not there when I posted, the question, but they are now.