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Re: French Guns of WW1

Bill N
...Does anyone know a good website for the organization of French artillery in the late war period? French language ok
A bit late, but I just stumbled over this, Bill:

Any use to you?

Re: French Guns of WW1

A french site only about artillery. The link above directs you to the 1st World War chapter. A very good site for research


Re: French Guns of WW1

Bill N
...Can't seem to locate the Canon de 155 C modèle 1915...
A good site to look on is:

it shows guns that survive to this day. Looking at the list, though, it doesn't appear to have any 1915 models. And the modele 1915 is quite elusive in a more general web search. Hmmm. That's a conundrum!

Theres a good reason why this is in effect there is little difference bettween the 1915 and 1917 versions, except for the breech the original used brass ammo the later model bagged charges, I think its highly likely that the majority of the M1915s were refitted with the M1917 breech to bring then inline..
Brass was in short supply, another reason why the old guns stayed in use.....
The actual difference would likely be in the activity of the crew at this scale...

There's allways the "155mm Canon court Mle 1904 Rimailho" and the "Schneider Canon de 105 L, Modele 1913 TR" for the early war... or have they already been mentioned?

French guns should of course have French crews these would double as Serbians and Belgians for the later stages...