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Re: packing

David O'Brien
Never had a Strelets figure set in a plastic bag and I have quite a few. They fill the box when they are on the sprue and the figures are moulded in polyethylene so they bend but don't break. They sound like BUM models. Caesar pack figures in small bags and then in a box but they are not the type that break either.


same here,never had them in a bag or broken.


Need enemies, well say something Dave Hennen does not like and your wish will come true


Chinese Gordon
Need enemies, well say something Dave Hennen does not like and your wish will come true
Alan Buckingham from the HaT Forum, who daily sounds like a child that can't get his gifts, and continues to come to the S*R Forum looking for a fight, ... Alan, and tells us to pull our pants down and play with our (?), Well up yours Alan Buckingham. Obviously you havn't forgotten. Read below. Volunteer your time to get off the beach if you don't have a job to go to. You promised below ...

"I have done nothing here or anywhere else to provoke you,nore will I."

Right, Alan, you never have and never will. Your words, Alan Buckingham, not mine. Thank heavans this forum doesn't haven't to suffer your constant nagging like on the other forum.

But I'll tell you what, start a VOTE AGAINST DAVE HENNEN = GARRISON CLAY on either or both Forums - HaT and S*R and I'll see the result and will respectfully bow out once you have proven after the past 15 years of 1/72 Foruming.

Alan Bucklingham - Get your 1 Negative vote and No Positives, and I'm gone.

Oh, Alan, sorry about your heart attack between 2005 and 2006. You're right, docs must be wrong. Keep up your attitude!


Dave,next time your in walmart dont forget to pick up a sense of humour. Cappy, see what I mean,


back to his point,i also would like some enemies in the strelets style as well.i dont know why the sets produced have not sold well,the ones ive managed to get look good.the others ive not seen yet,so i thought they where a hot seller.


Funny you should mention Walmart, Alan. Periodically, forumers ask each other how they store their collections? For my hobby collection, I purchased 3 Sterilite 4-shelf storage cabints on summer close-out for $25 U.S. each ($97 retail). These things stand nearly 6' tall. I got about 25 Plano ProLatch clear plastic organizers at about $5 each on sale and Bingo! When I want more, I order online and they ship for free to the store for pickup. I've checked every other retailer online and instore such as Sears, Home Depot and Lowes, and the prices can't be beat. Their people actually do the best job at getting good quality items in bulk and keep prices low or have access to them online. I don't actually enjoy going into the stores because of the crowds like anyone else, which is why I order online, but it's no worse than most stores these days plus I've reorganized my collection and garage at very reasonable costs.

And when new boxes of figures arrive, such as Romans, Boer Wars, Zulu Wars etc., I just pop them into the cabinets on the shelves until I find time to enjoy them.

Say what you want, but I've got all my collection out of the sunlight, in minimal space, and all in brand new cabinets and organizers for under $200. I feel pretty good about this especially since I'm protecting the thousands of dollars invested in my collection.

I just noticed it's snowing outside right now, which means I'm going to have a White Christmas this year.

Happy Holidays & Happy Collecting!


..And a merry christmas and happy new year to you.


I am likely to have a wet Christmas 12-13 degrees C. Just right but a bit too wet for some. The money I save on heating can be spent on other things (eg model figures) rather than keeping multi national commodities investors happy with their fat profits from UK utilities. White Christmasses begin and end with Bing Crosby for me but each to their own.

I like the sound of your archive it sounds impressive. I used to get paid to do things like that but it was enjoyable-order out of chaos. Your solution is thrifty as well. Maybe some pics of it in the future.

I am afraid I have been side tracked into 1/76th scale die cast vehicles for the moment- WWII fire and rescue vehicles-Food Flying Squad column to come. No chance of anybody making the figures to go with them so I will have to make my own.

Good luck with your collecting



Well Guys, lets see ...

The large, clear Plano ProLatch Organizer. The picture shows it's especially good for those who enjoy fishing as well ;-) I can stand up an Airfix Wagon, but doubt it's tall enough if based for Wargaming. Still, It's pretty tall w/3 long horizontal rows; all the vertical rows are separate pop-in/pull out dividers so any size:

Large Plano ProLatch Organizer/there is a great Medium size too:

Sterilite 4-Shelf Utility Storage Cabinet (They are $79.88 singles instore, but seasonal items ($158 is for 2):

Sterilite Storage Box, 6 qt (99 Cents/OK $1 instore) great for paints, glues, sprews, parts, small buildings etc:


The Putty Colour is neutral enough to put anywhere in the house as well as garage to be used for towels, washroom supplies etc. If you've got children with Football cleats and muddy/dusty equipment, they make a great Foot Locker too. After my collection, I paid the $79.88 to put one in each room of my home.

There is no doubt I got lucky at $25 for the big cabinets at closeout. I always walk by the display every time I go there just in case. Walmart ain't Macy's! but they do have good values.

Cheers Mates!