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Re: Set 907?

Apart from the new figures:
M 008 Roman Auxiliaries in battle
M 009 Roman Legionaries in battle
M 019 Roman Legionaries before battle

Re: Set 907?

The before battle set is listed, but the picture does not show that set. I do not know if the picture is actual box art or just for Linear-B's online catalogue. Have to wait to see what is inside the box.,products,_auto_4488503.xhtml

Re: Set 907?

Would really like to see a set of Roman Emperors. Chiefly mounted, with no need of repeat horses for all of them, say 1 sprue of horses and 3 x 12 mounted Emperors. Throw in a few famous generals such as Mark Anthony, Pompey etc for good measure.

A companion set of "enemies of Rome" would be nice, too.

Such personality sets suit the Strelets style more than anything else, in my view.