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Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun

it is this time of year ,we have just had a many sets released so why
we rattlle sabres ? i have zero time for that.

for once we have new SR figures available in shops before the xmas. now we can budget easier, than after xmas. go buy more figures.

get some sr zoauves(for legs) and turkish regular cavalrie and convert some
as dismounted and mounted .many many possibilities enjoy !

Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun



"Now available at Tracks and Troops as well.

8 inch MkII Howitzer

6 inch MkVII Gun

I see they have also copied the typographical error and call the 6in an 8in. This is a good experiment in meme tracking."

Soo obvoios ...... Englshmum

You Morno, go bac to HTA Formu to be Yuo Sefl.

LAMA too, (aLSO) :-( tEH mRS BKHAM COW

:-) UF

So, Dave, you were wondering why I don't like you. Does this give you a clue?

When you and your peanut gallery read this, do you still imagine that you are perfectly reasonable and friendly?

Could this thread now be deleted, do you think?

Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun

Spanish Erik,

PDA and and Alan Buckingham, aka Chinese Gordon, love to come to this forum to point out to the Ukrainian Men of this Forum, they can't spell "ENGLISH" on their BOXES.

I think PDA wants to remind us Collectors of a Lessor God, "He's better".

Mistakes do slip through and I am sure that Strelets being a professional organisation appreciate when someone informs them. Actually, most Europeans speak and spell UK English to a very high standard! I only wish I could read and write Ukrainian as well as the Strelet staff communicate in UK English.

Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun

a)I didn´t realice that PDA ad Allan were British untill now.Well Allan is not rude with me ,a little obsessioned wit Zulus and all that,but that´s normal.I am ultra-repetitive with my landsers...I mean we are like that with things we love.....well for PDA I´m like a He-111 over London
I understand what you are looking for in this hoby ,variety,and historical periods you like,well you are lucky,is the tendence...but I wont start another war
I´m in technical-ectasy with the ZVEZDA/CAESAR double production of future and perfectionated "ubermenchen",so,even me,is,at last ,satisfied........ and with STRELETS (ROMAN RANGE) and even Hat (German tank riders) or Waterloo 1815
(German Cavalry set 1).
Absolute nonsense for you,but I could think the same about manofacture figures of tribes or subjets that I (AND MANY OTHERS)do not give a F****!But I do not do,so Peace and Love
b)Dave/Garrison and HFTGH are great guys,for me ,that´s unmovable!!!!
c)Any sugestion will be considered....

Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun

'Well for PDA I´m like a He-111 over London'

I would rather see a He-111 over Boston (the proper one in Lincolnshire!)again! When I was a lad they filmed several shots of many He-111s and Me 109s in formation (along with the B25 camera plane) going up the Haven for the film 'the Battle of Britain'.It was rather a menacing sight especially for the older folk who had seen the sight for real. Must have been the whole of Franco's Spanish airforce! The only thing wrong was the engine noise as the Spanish airforce re-engined them with Merlins in the 50s.

Clearly, a sight never to be repeated.

Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun

Do not be so sure my friend!
We have them here in Madrid in the museum of the Spanish airforce with the Merlin engines of course....the only let down was a stupid ingenieur telling me all the time the clear superiority of the P-51 over the ME-109 pfff
What´s that againts a ME-262????
We have a lot of Russian oldies too! and the price is really cheap.

Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun

Spanish Erik,

PDA and and Alan Buckingham, aka Chinese Gordon, love to come to this forum to point out to the Ukrainian Men of this Forum, they can't spell "ENGLISH" on their BOXES.

I think PDA wants to remind us Collectors of a Lessor God, "He's better".
To which I have already responded, saying that I was merely pointing out a typo that has been copied by many, though not all, model shops.

Since that response I have found this old thread:

which, if you read it, you will see contains these words from David O'Brien:

David O'Brien
...BTW getting the name right is important as internet searches will prove fruitless otherwise...David

So it seems it's not just me that thinks getting the name right is important.

@Spanish Erik. Lo siento por mi mal español. Estoy de acuerdo con usted. Yo no quiero luchar y discutir con nadie acerca de soldaditos de plástico. Creo que hay bastantes fabricantes que hacen suficientes soldados de juguete en todos los períodos de la historia para mantener a todos felices, lo que nos interese

Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun

Italeri's Morris Quad is another good (bad) example

It is actually a CMP Ford Quad not a badly distorted model of a Morris Quad. Type in Google "CMP Ford Quad" and you get the reference even a walk around of a British 3rd Division's preserved one. Every modeller in Canada out of sense of national pride must have told Italeri- It is not a Morris.

The error with the Strelets guns seemed to be one of simple transposition- the 8" howitzer became the 8" gun. Probably a cut and paste error and nothing to do with language fluency. The howitzers are cut down versions(length) of the 6" guns so if the gun was 8" the howitzers would be 10" which is of course wrong. The four guns are like a little family. Upset one and you upset them all.

Retailers etc see the mistake and they are in a quandary- do I correct or not? In the end they probably think it is best to leave it as it is. The error then gets a kind of "genetic" validation as in memetics* as more sequences of info transference validate it further. The gene grows in strength.

Nothing serious but illustrates the theory of cultural transference even in our little 1/72nd scale worlds.


*See Dawkins

Re: Strelets 6in Mark VII Gun

Thanx PDA ,can´t agree most.A gentleman answer.For me,our diferences are over.
And....your Spanish is far better than my English.
After all,all of us,must be very pleased.There are lots of Nazi sets,but all periods (or almost all) are well (or in the way)to be covered.
Do you remember WW I sets last century?Airfix and nothing else.
So it seems that my Nazis are not breaking your bussiness.
I understand that you are a little jealeous,´cause all of us want more and more,but there is cake for all,for much time and for all periods,so enjoy!