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Re: Most likely in 2013

2013 is sooner than I expected them. I think that's great news.

I agree with RCD it would be nice to see other WW1 equipments. I am sure that if Strelets current release of the 6in Mark VII, and the 8in Mark II sell well, they will be encouraged to release the rest of the Strelets Arms sets as soon as they can, and hopefully make a few more sets. I'd really like to see a Mark V Tank, but I understand the current releases have to sell well to show Strelets that this is a good business idea.

Re: Strelets WW1 Tanks A005-A007

Rob L
Hi, is there any news on when these will be released, please? Very excited about them!

A005 Mk B Medium Tank
A006 St Chamond Tank
A007 Schneider Tank

Would it better to change the order as you cannot possibly have 007 as a Frenchman!