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Crimean Range

I just bought about twenty boxes of Crimean war figures. I am really loving this range! I think my favorites so far are the Russian Cossacks and Sailors! Lots of great fun poses! I also love the British Hussars and all the british Cav. I love the style of sculpting and variety it is so refreshing.

The big box sets look great but they are are to find especially the Russian Command and the Last assault on Sebastopol. I hope the command figures from those boxes will be released separately as "command boxes".

British and Russian Artillery would be greatly appreciated. I realize that other companies make Russian guns, but I really like the Strelets Style and would like them to match the rest of the army.

I'd also love to see more of the French Cavalry especially the Hussars and Dragoons!

Warm regards to everyone at Strelets keep up the great work!!!!

Re: Crimean Range


We discussed this a few weeks ago

The Crimean War range is a classic one. Sadly the fields of Rome seem to be more fertile now.


Re: Crimean Range

I support idea of more Crimean sets, I would love to see Russian rifles in summer uniform/small set/ in 1855 uniforms

Re: Crimean Range

One more CW set to be revealed iwonder what it is ?

Re: Crimean Range

British Field Artillery!

Re: Crimean Range

I use the Revell Nap British Foot artillery cannons for the Crimea. I read somewhere that the design of the guns hadn't changed much since that era. Whatever, they work for me!

Re: Crimean Range

It would be cool to see Strelets produce a set of British Field Artillery. I quite like the Siege Artillery set.

Re: Crimean Range

I suppose there's no point in asking for a re-done standard British Line Infantry - perhaps in a mini set, so a reasonable amount of similar poses ... ?

Re: Crimean Range

I agree about the Crimean British Line. The current set isn't really suitable for a larger scale Miniatures game. Skirmish level they are a good fit.



Re: Crimean Range

ThLast Assault on Sevastopol set still shows up on Ebay occasionally. I managed to snag one last month,