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Re: Strelets Russian Artillery - Crimean War


Thanks for the info - I'm reading up on the Crimean campaign and artillery is mostly mentioned in regards to Balaclava of course and the siege.

Would like to see Strelets produce more artillery still..



Re: Strelets Russian Artillery - Crimean War

Royal Artillery and Royal Horse Artillery guns were towed by horses the latter at a cavalry pace. I am not sure in a battle like Inkerman where the horses were after the guns had been emplaced as they had to be reasonably close but not close enough to be shot. Smaller RA field pieces could be manhandled and chains and ropes were provided for this and infantry could be detailed to help . Short distances or minor changes of position therefore could be man powered but horses had to be on hand. RHA horses were always kept close but still quite a distance from the guns. RHA often had spare teams towing a limber and no gun. All of the field artillery sets are short of horses.