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Re: Sarmation Cavalry

Head for the GUNS hank
yes i would like to have seen a future figures/release status page /link anything where we could check into on one page ...maybe it is in progress ?

Although I like the new look, I can't find the old "Future Sets" link either. It seems now I've got to either navigate thru all "Products" or each "Campaign" to find any new sets and their status. For me it was interesting to see all Future Sets for all eras in one snap-shot.

The new "Site Map" button is very time-saving but is located at the bottom of each page. Be nice if moved up to the Menu Bar. On the same subject, it would also be much more useful to have the updated "Contributions" section organized by "Campaign" rather than archived by year submitted. New customers could very quickly see what other collectors have done with their favorite sets also.

I remember thinking how cool S*R's trademark scrolling "Latest Updates" look was when they first set up their Home Page, although obviously it's easier to focus on a fixed target rather than a moving target.


Re: Sarmation Cavalry

I like the new site,but unless I missed it somewhere I dont see the Sarmation cavalry listed. Hope it is still coming out.Thanks! Cappy

They're still in the product list, but being the set number 020 they're almost at the top and a bit difficult to spot. Not only they're still there, but they're scheduled for autumn 2012, so it seems they're almost out - good!