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Re: M70 British Line Infantry in Egypt

why was i expecting a mamaluk army ? why we egt more british instead of mamaluk ?

Niggle about the hat....

Hi, fantastic to see these early British on their way, I love the multiple poses.

I do have a niggle about the hat: it is too pointy in most of the figures. Some of them have the right shape (middle marching guy and 2nd row from the bottom, guy holding his gun), but the others have a hat that's not quite right. I hope this can be fixed!

Great set though, it will complement the Marines that already exist.

Re: Niggle about the hat....

it seems a good niggle but as a soldier it would be difficult to keep your parade ground hat type toy box uniform clean and washed with pipeclay.the hat i can see the sr-action figure to stop being blown away is sat on used for a multiple of soldier purposes eg filling hat with musket balls and resupplying your carrier etc etc .i think the point would be quite apparent in combat zone.
i think many ex soldiers have implemented headware for multiple uses other than wearing on head.also shielding a spark to light fire etc it goes on

Re: M70 British Line Infantry in Egypt

This is a terrific set and a terrific range (though you should fix the backpacks and perhaps the hats as well). With the same backpacks, they could also be used as British infantry in the Napoleonic campaigns in the Caribbean (Hispaniola, Guadeloupe and Martinique). Assuming this range sells well, Strelets should seriously consider expanding the range to cover the French Revolutionary/Napoleonic Wars in the Americas, including French troops for the Haitian Revolution, more British for the same period and even Haitians fighting for independence. It could also be a nice segue into the War of 1812, since it looks like Emhar/Imex are not going to be making any new figure sets in the foreseeable future, if ever.

And, if you ever feel more adventurous, you could always plunge into the Latin American Wars of Independence period.

Re: M70 British Line Infantry in Egypt

Backpack (knapsack- envelope or trotter I can't tell) and hats. Isn't the hat based on a standard civilian hat of the time?

What are those rifles /muskets supposed to be then?

They are like nothing I have ever seen or handled of this period. Never mind don't fix the muskets they are perfect - carry on.


Re: M70 British Line Infantry in Egypt

Good point about the muskets. Perhaps just remove the barrel bands to make it look more like a Brown Bess?