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British siege Artillery set 062

This arrived this morning. The figures are well up to my expectations and better than the Turkish set. The figures all look like the Royal Artillery but for different scenarios- early Crimean War, Inkerman, summer in the trenches. A tall order for 14 figures as only a few could be allocated to each. The masters and the finished figures are different with some with Albert shako (4) now. This small pic gives you the correct colour reference and disregard the Line Infantry and Guards on the Strelets box art.

(You can get a bigger image at Cranston fine arts)

The uniform is what I would call RA blue but is probably like Prussian blue or a dark rich blue.
The red trouser stripe is broader than with the infantry and the epaulettes are yellow or gold. Collars and cuffs are also in red which is more like crimson than scarlet. The forage cap has a red band or yellow for an NCO.
The gunners/loaders would normally march with the gun and carry packs similar to the infantry.

The mortar is too small it would have to be in the front trenches to have any effect and the guns are on naval carriages which the RA did crew but more likely to have an RN crew. The mortar would normally fire with the wheels off- you have been warned . The RA "heavies" were on the same carriages as in the pic. Notice they are in Battleship Grey or Lead Grey which was a standard protective paint for RA carriages, limbers, etc.

Too few figures in the set (14) especially if you wanted to do the early war as in the pic above.