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Re: This autumn

I really like the look of these, and find them very full of life.

a couple of points though: I'm pretty sure that fusiliers (i'm presuming that's what these are, given that they have no epaulettes) had only a single cross belt with the cartridge box and bayonet on it (ie, only genadiers and light infantry wore the second cross belt with the sabre briquet). No doubt there are sources that show fusiliers with both cross belts, and i'm sure soldiers helped themselvesto whatever they could find useful, but it wasn't the norm.

I also find the short trousers a little strange. Should they really be that short, especially when worn with gaiters.

Will you also be producing French in single breasted coats and leather casquets, which for many is perhaps the classic look for the Egyptian campaign?

Keep up the good work, steve

Re: This autumn

Excellent looking figures. Lots of character. Can't wait to get painting.


Re: This autumn

How about some French Camel Corps to go with the infantry. I know a competitor made a small set with frail palastic. A new set with 12 figures and mounts would be a seller.

time to switch to light


is there a flicker

can you tell me about headware of the light is it leather cap ?

Re: is there a flicker

Hi Hank,

yes, that's the leather casquet/cap being worn by the French light infantry, which is great to see: just what you want for French in Egypt.

Between the different hat crests and the coat colours, you can paint an army with every unit in different colours (the 21st legere in sky blue coats with yellow, later pink facings and green and yellow hat crests!).


Again, nice lively poses, and i reckon they should paint up great. i especially like the officer, who looks very Revolutionary Wars with his mameluke hilted sabre. If i had a criticism (and i don't expect anyone's asking for one!), its that the coat tails are a little long on some of the figures: really the single-breasted coatee should barely cover the butt cheeks.

I do hope that Strelets are going to do fusiliers in this mode of dress, without the sabre briquet and epaulettes.

Good stuff, steve

Re: M068 - French Line Infantry (Egypt)

Nice set. Muskets are too thick and heavy though.

light and mamaluks

dont stop strelets

Re: M068 - French Line Infantry (Egypt)


I agree 100% about the muskets and the British ones too- see above. I couldn't identify the musket only guess what it is supposed to be. This is a French 1777 pattern musket for comparison:

For example notice the position of the baguette(ramrod)