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Strelets your sculptors guild standard sets

Okay i do not know how many sculptor work for STrelets but it would be wonderful if they each had a sculptors guild "special set" that they could work on when doing similar range sets.

eg if acw infanterie was the sculptors subject they could make a special sculpting of acw artillerie gun limber and caisson in action and riding.

if war1 a bill bus with casualties on top deck etc

if ancient a chariot with hunting dogs escort

some centre pieces for our rank and file

even a set of figures which has been burst by cannon ball(a great marker for a wargame liek massimos stop the action mini sets)

why not cast these in metal to help costs all round
sell them for $100 each and maybe approved painter or signed document from sculptor a little extra.
okay i sit down and shut up ...again. you guys have probably already crossed this is full of hobby dreams.