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Re: no. the weapons etc are fine at this scale

I am sorry, but I really must disagree with you when you say "at 1/72 scale and below, who cares", particularly when it comes to the Turkish troops we are talking about. You only need to look at other models in that range to see that the difference is compelling enough to warrant extra sets.

Nobody is slamming Strelets, there's obviously a few people who simply think that the Turks for the Crimean war are not good enough for the later Russian-Ottoman war... There is nothing wrong with that and even if there are only 2 sources in English language doesn't mean that they are not good...

Yes, you are right, to have ONLY sources in English is sometimes limiting. But let me tell you this: I have several books in French about the Napoleonic army and they have many mistakes in their uniforms. At the same time I have Osprey books that have mistakes in them.... so no matter what, some give and take will always be needed.