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Re: PSR Slam Strelets Turkish infantry

Being a fan of Strelets doesn't mean that we cannot be critical if we see that something is not OK.... I have hundreds of Strelets figures closer to over a thousand actually.

On this occasion I must confess that PSR is right. Taking the Turks in winter uniform from the Crimean war is simply not good enough when the uniform depicted there can only work for the Ottoman artillerymen.

Why doesn't Strelets create a properly uniformed Turkish infantry set? It's not like it will sell less than the Romanians or any of the other sets for this conflict....

And while we are on the subject, why hasn't Strelets ever considered doing a set of WW1 Turks, either cavalry or infantry or both when they have done countless variations of Russians??

I am not being critical, I just have a lot of questions....

do you recall why they were released.

i'd liek to hear it from strlets but from what i saw of this psr do not look at the raison d'etre of this set.

many rightly complain about turkish infantry in set 902 not available as a single set.

SO collector firat came up with a poll and even i was surprised when there was a big support for turkish figures to be released as a set (not just in big box set 9=-2).Strelets kept their word and released teh figures due to popular demand.awesome .

s-r seemed to want to shut cw but were opening rtw i suspect this is a halfway set.
strelets will be best to ask about that.
but it is an ideal winter set. you will see the same coat pattern in use up to ww2.not all uniform manufacturers followed templates due to shortages is a an old old reason.this i see as a flaw in the authors not understanding the period transportation and merchant routes of the era.just as they do not mention the collectors request is reason for single set.maybe sr expand that.

again i return to longevity of uniforms. many uniforms lasted many years before replacemnet eqpt reached the corners of the orttoman 1853 we still see variety of much older ottoman uniforms present in the artwork of lithograhers.the russian uniforms are extremely correct so why wouldnt the ottoamn uniforms be.

ammunition was always the main supply item with of foodstuffs. uniforms could be recycled(dirty job for quarter masters yes) and also refabricated/repaired by local cottage industries as in Wallachia then an era famous seasonal winter clothing industry.
most first issue ottoman uniforms did come from alexandria (nile cottons) and also feshane factory(istanboul a great book exists on costumes of feshane the history ogf the ottoman uniforms is contained and about 32 pictures of different headwear fez tarboosh alone etc)
many color photos hardback and lovely book box $120 great value.but in turkish. factory was set up by Belgian machine eaving companyty with employees brought over to help organize and run the operation.

psr try and promote amazon books first .here they fail with 2 very pathetic sources out of hundreds they could have used that were off amazon psr you get slammed by me.

(psr had 2 what a laughing stock) these should be umpteen pages long and in several languahes. Contemporary nook and accounts should also be listed .if not you are being effectively conned not good value. Historian phooey .any study period must be a top down clothing guns transport leather work animals clothes dye fabric factories food stuffs . i deteste insufficently researched washovers that teh public are expected to accept .

keep up the good work strelets.

Re: do you recall why they were released.

I think the review was a bit harsh considering their all in overcoats but accurate particulaly in regards to weapons and equipment, peabody martinis for first class and some secound class infantry, winchester for cavalry and some infantry, breech loading snider enfield conversions for some second class and reserves, not all turkish uniforms were good quality often as not the the european styled ones were poor quality shoddy which was largely to do with corruption in the procurement system..
At best these represent Secound class infantry... and thats if you assume they have Snider Enfields...
So no good for Plevna or the summer battles either....


no. the weapons etc are fine at this scale

WELL no ! . i think these are just fine for RTW,At this scale it doesnt really matter.

no doubt in winter many wrapped their rifles in cloth furs etc to prevent snow rusting weapon etc. i think the overall formation of the figures and shape/impresion en masse is more important.If you look at cossacks still using lances in war2...mmh

i think there is too much hobby people trying to hold dates as the rule (modern thinking clashes with c19th horse and sail/steam ship transport system).

if you want a big single model then yes it should be as museum replicant correct as possible. But 1/72 and under, who cares.

This RTW range is a great 1.72 starter set. inf art cav inf art cav rus n turk.

Re: no. the weapons etc are fine at this scale

Well your welcome to your opinion Hank, But I think Strelets could do better and have done so...


if it wasnt for firat we wouldnt have these

Really, and you can clear this with strelets, if it wasnt for Firat and his poll we wouldnt have these. Strelets kept their word and fitted them in. It was interstingto see the later figures with ammo box on front in Set 902.But we collectors take what we get when we can get it.cONVERSIONS are endless.

I havent done any for a while. i guess if i needed another Ottoman unit i would take CW Zouaves and French Inf Zouaves and take the turban guys and stick their heads on turkish infantry winter sets.Then i'd have kurdish infantry.

Re: no. the weapons etc are fine at this scale

I am sorry, but I really must disagree with you when you say "at 1/72 scale and below, who cares", particularly when it comes to the Turkish troops we are talking about. You only need to look at other models in that range to see that the difference is compelling enough to warrant extra sets.

Nobody is slamming Strelets, there's obviously a few people who simply think that the Turks for the Crimean war are not good enough for the later Russian-Ottoman war... There is nothing wrong with that and even if there are only 2 sources in English language doesn't mean that they are not good...

Yes, you are right, to have ONLY sources in English is sometimes limiting. But let me tell you this: I have several books in French about the Napoleonic army and they have many mistakes in their uniforms. At the same time I have Osprey books that have mistakes in them.... so no matter what, some give and take will always be needed.