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Dear Strelets British cavalry 119 Egypt

Would the new set of Napoleonic British cavalry for the Egyptian campaign just happen to be light dragoons in Tarleton helmets?

BIG BOX north african transport set kamels etc

with the egyptian series imminent and hat negated on producing their baggage camel set how about some beats of burden figures. donkies mules anfd kamels with full saddle furnishing.

Hat saddles seem to produce the figure with shorter saddle furnishings(they cut the corner) than the box displayed( a beautiful picyture pity), please also make a caravan /canopy for one figure at least.
also young kamels and donkies mules etc were always and still are seen walk along with the train.
this set would be utilitarian for many of your era up to modern.

mules yyou already done with romans and you already like to recycle horses thru different sets so how about a BIG BOX set add a water buffalo/oxen or 2
and a few drivers etc.a timeless piece almost.

Re: BIG BOX north african transport set kamels etc

Great Idea Hank. Some French cavalry mounted on camels would be great or even a Napoleon figure on a camel would be very unique and appropriate.


What a great opportunity to have a Napoleonique Observation Baloon set and inflated not folded in a wagon. How about it Strelets

Re: Dear Strelets British cavalry 119 Egypt

Dear Pete,

we haven't decided it yet.