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Re: Mameluks.....

If we are talking complememtary sets for the Egyptian campaign, dont forget the Brits and sepoys

Re: Mameluks.....

I say "amen" to all of the above brothers, but lets get an Ottoman Army first; the rest will come soon enough.

Re: Compliments to the Sculptor of Mamelukes

Dear Sculptor of Mamelukes,

Very nice artistic work. Body proportions right. Layered clothing blowing in the wind so artistic. The guns are finely detailed, both rifles and pistols. The faces ferocious and warrior-like.

My wish is that you could make a set of African Spahis next.

I would love to see both Mamelukes and Spahis made in Teracotta Red Colour. This colour shows off all of the nice sculptor's details and hard work.

Bravo to you Sir!

Re: Compliments to the Sculptor of Mamelukes

Excellent news, really looking forward to getting plenty of these to reinforce my Ottomans

Re: Compliments to the Sculptor of Mamelukes

Bravo GarrisonGlay...

Afican Spahis - fabulous idea...

Re: Compliments to the Sculptor of Mamelukes

These look very inspiring.

It would be great if your also made some foot warriors and big guns to accompany them, and also some French and British for Napoleon's Egyptian campaign.

Great stuff, steve

Re: Compliments to the Sculptor of Mamelukes

Thanks Duncan! It actually is an appropriate request of Strelets.

Wiki-Encylopedia states: "A detachment of Spahis served as the personal escort of Marshal Jacques Leroy de Saint Arnaud in the Crimean War and were photographed there by Roger Fenton."

These would be so useful for Strelets Crimean War series and so many other campaingns too. I'd like them to scout for my Beau Geste guys too. "The men on the walls, Sir. They are all dead!" I love the Strelets French African Chasseurs, so much so that I had to put in a 2nd order of them for fear they'd become hard to find later.

Hope you read this Strelets - "African Spahis" **by this same Sculptor as these beautiful Mamelukes** in the future, please.

Have a great weekend!

Re: Mameluks.....

That is some very fine sculpting. I hope they mold just as sculpted. One point though, some seem to be in chain armor and carry shields. Seems odd that they would still be wearing chain mail in the 18th-19th century. I could visualize the same guy fighting Byzantines & Crusaders!

Re: Mameluks.....

even the colonial brittish fought against tribesmen who wore saracen armor in this is nothing to disturb at early napoleonique wars. etc.