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Re: Old sets


I go along with the Medieval Britain set's new figures esp the joker and the "Burgher of Calais". One of Strelets' finest figure sets.
The Crimean War Russian General Staff and Hospital (0051) set's new figures released as one set would also provoke me into action. These would go well with the camp set mentioned in the newer posting above.

It would be a shame to re issue an old set if there are still plenty of those in circulation. I am not sure how you find out about that. Check out a garage in Barking? Releasing the new figures part of a big box set is in a way releasing an old set in a new format and a little less speculative. If thousands (of, say, big box Medieval Britain) turn up on e bay at a ckd price nothing lost because the jester, lecher, executioner, cook, surgeon* etc sprues by themselves would still be very attractive and cheaper.


* sounds a bit like this forum

Re: Old sets

One more vote for the Medieval Britain as a separate set!

Re: Old sets

i can sell polish infantry and french engeneers €25 if someone wants

Re: Old sets

and another vote for crimean turkish infantry sold individually

Re: Old sets

Confederate mounted officers. Roman Transport-1, once you have finished with your current 'commercial' policy with this set.

Re: Old sets

Napoleonic Allied Chiefs of Staff (2) is a must been after this for ages and nowhere in the UK is selling it.

A must have missing link to any british or Austrian army.