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1877 Figures

Just received some of your 1877 Russian and Turk Artillery sets - really nice figures and guns - no flash wharsoever - well done Strelets

Re: 1877 Figures

flat bases improve teh figure imensely. yes they are nice figures i dont know how popular teh guns are,i am still in shock from not having a limber.

bashi bazouk are hard to paint but its worth effort.

Re: 1877 Figures

Hi Hank for the russian guns you can use the Zveza Russian Napoleonic limbers and Caissons as their pretty much the same but would need some new riders, although admitadly its an expensive option as you would need a lot off them... 2 sets of Zvezda for every 1 set of Strelets Russian guns,I cant help but think that someones loosing out on potential sales...


Re: 1877 Figures

hi ironsides thanks but i already used that nap rouskie zvezda limber and caisson concept back in kalafat(n) diodrama ,cetate also.

Coming soon also same models in silistra they will be present also.i picked up a fine russian lithograph depicting a three horse limber drawn retreatng from silistra.its a big print.
however limbers for new krupp shells changed teh ammo access point around....ah well its