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Rolling start

Just a quick one, has clubmans ever done a rolling start? Is there some regulation stopping us from doing so?


Re: Rolling start

The only thing for me that would stop rolling starts is common sense.
As an 'expert' of well in excess of 60 rolling starts, I can assure you we would wipe out far too many of an already depleted number of participating cars.
Leave well alone.
We can't afford it!

Re: Rolling start

For historical accuracy - we did a rolling start when we raced at Spa all those years ago. I remember that Clive (Olive) Woodward forgot to keep up with the row in front ....well it's such a long lap.....It was like starting the race on lap 2!!!!

Re: Rolling start present the Haggis/Mallock Memorial Trophy Races at DP on October 1 are very likely to be a rolling start due to the format of the event. In theory at least it should not bebeyond the wit of our drivers to (a) maintain / re-establish grid formation and proximity throughout the greenflag lap and (b) avoid trashing each other at Redgate.. With 32 cars on the grid and no doubt some A Class cars at the sharp end, we ought at least to be saved any concerns about flying star wheels and broken drive shafts for 25 [or thereabouts] cars to have to avoid..