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HANS devices

See below from the DT website (other suppliers are available!!!!);

NEW 30° Recline Sport HANS Device
The highly popular Sport HANS device has previously only been available with a 20° recline for saloon car racers. With the addition of the NEW 30° recline, single seater racers can now also benefit from this entry level HANS device.
ONLY £399.00

There are fewer and fewer reasons why you shouldn't have the finest piece of safety equipment available.....from one who knows!!!

Re: HANS devices

Sven, I know all the good politically correct reasons and your own personal experience(s), but I find it hard to reconcile the price that this is selling at with the price that we all know that they are made for?

Now let's have a debate :0)

(PS I know the ole adage "how much is your life worth"....)

Re: HANS devices

I know you're just trying to goad me you old rascal.....
Anyone who doesn't wear one lacks imagination is my only comment!!

Re: HANS devices

Hey less of the old!

My wife says I have too much imagination so we all know wives are right?

Sven, I am all for safety but how do you justify the sale price? You are in manufacturing even though they are low quantity I would not expect the cost to be more than £50?

Now how would you like to sell your cars at x8 their manufacturing price. (Mr Tata would be pleased)

So my imagination says if they were £100 then probably everybody would buy one and still the manufacturer would make a decent profit.

Air bags are safe so why not strap the wife to the steering wheel? (sorry to all the wives and GF's) but air bags would make so much more sense? And are actually proven on the road.

Now come on Sven you know you can let loose let's have it?

Andy :0)

Re: HANS devices

Read the SAE paper - see how much research went into it.
Low volume means high amortization of investment.
Plus someone's making a good profit....but then I just paid damn near £700 for a set of Dunlops!!!
You pays your money and you takes your choice....
As for the imagination your wife refers to...I don't really want to go there!!!

Re: HANS devices

Sven, I've heard the research and development argument, unfortunately you (or I) cannot be proved right as the costs are not out in the public domain for inspection (no doubt we will have a Hans distributor telling us how expensive the development was without any backup).
If you use ole Google it may be that several Motoring bodies like NASCAR and FIA etc seem to have a commercial interest in the device, if this is so then we are not being represented correctly by our associations?

For the record:-

1) I agree the Hans Device to be useful
2) It's great that you are feeding information on the forum
3) I will probably even buy one myself
4) There seems to be evidence of profiteering and that does not sit comfortably with peoples lives

Re: HANS devices

ref (4)...just like Private Health Insurance then......!!!!

Re: HANS devices

Just buy one. I have used mine for 3 or 4 years now and it does give one that extra bit of security. There is no discomfort or hassle in the car, in fact one forgets its there (except when reversing in the assembly area if you have it on already). Detaching the energy drink pipe and the pit to driver walky talky wire is much more difficult (I'm told). That's a good price... mine was more like £500 then. I can receommend the rubberised clasps to prevent the shoulder straps from wriggling off even if you have the diagonal striped pads on Hans and belt. Call Pete, Adrian Lester or me for any further advice you might need.

Re: HANS devices

Marcus, what about side impacts?

Can we borrow yours?

Re: HANS devices

I've been using hans kits for a while and I've found that by running the standard 3 inch wide belts a big help and using stitched Velcro on the back of the belts and sticking the other half of the velcro to the hans helps hold it in Place too! On another note hans devices have a selby date on them much like our helmets so a good trick is to ring a few gt teams to see if they have any that are out of data to save money! Clubmans isn't fia spec so you'll get a top one cheap and it will last you a life time in clubmans! Ps I may have one for sale just need to check the dates on it!