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Exclusive Clubmans Trackday


I am currently organising a club based trackday and there is an opportunity for Clubmans to have some dedicated track time.

Track day rules will apply however its a good opportunity to run without any other types of cars slowing you down in the corners, at a low cost.

It could also be used to promote the club with potential Clubman's drivers being able to try out a Clubmans car.

Expect two slots, each 1 hour long, one in the morning one in the afternoon.

I am offering this to the club before any other clubs and need to know how many of you would be interested.

There will also be a variety of cars available on a ride and drive basis, including a Caterham R400 an Elise Club Racer and Arial Atom. These will run in a separate session.

The venue is likely to be the newly resurfaced facility at Blyton Park Lincolnshire, on the 24th September. This date is yet to be confirmed.

The venue also has a covered area so you can work on the car in the dry if it rains.

Please let me know if you are interested asap, cost likely to be about 120 each car but will depend on the numbers interested.


Re: Exclusive Clubmans Trackday

I'm up for it, is there a track layout on the web?

Re: Exclusive Clubmans Trackday

Yes the track is new having been resurfaced then opened in May 2011. If you go to the following link you can see some images taken from the air of the new facility.

There is also a covered area so cars can be under cover rather than outside. This is a great new venue for testing etc and this is a good opportunity to use this day to promote Clubmans.

To do this for the Club i need a minimum of ten cars at £120 each. Now thats not much for the track time exclusive to those who attend.

Please note i am offering this to the club and the circuit is booked for the 24th September. There are other clubs interested and if it does not look like clubmans want it or the numbers wont be sufficient i will let it go to someone else.