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Salter congratulations.

Felicity Grace born this morning to Gemma and Gareth Salter.

Poor Gareth must be knackered after 21 hours of labour!


Re: Salter congratulations.

Congratulations and best wishes Gemma and Gareth.

Re: Salter congratulations.

You know it's pretty knackering after 21 years!
Well done you two, now the fun really starts.

Re: Salter congratulations.

Congratulations both!!

My advice is get back racing asap - my kids thought everyone's Dad raced a car until they went to school!!!

Re: Salter congratulations. of our kids just asked questions such as 'Dad, why were you 12th?' then booted me out of the car at the first opportunity....

Anyway, Gareth and Gemma must get Flo Go to the tracks as we need more lady competitors and it's never too soon to feed them transmission oil!

Re: Salter congratulations.


Could not agree more (from both child and father)about the enjoyment Felicity will have.
Also keep the racing up, it is easier than finding a budget later.

Re: Salter congratulations.

Hi all

Gemma, Felicity and I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all of you for your kind messages, cards, gifts and flowers.

Parenthood is treating us well and we hope to see you all soon.

The Salters

Re: Salter congratulations.

Well done Gareth, well done Gemma. Only a few years to wait till Felicity Grace is driving a clubmans car. About time too.