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Anyone got a car????

Having enjoyed the run up to the weekend at Brands, and of course the races as well, and an arguement over the quantity of Sea Bass that Thistle consider a portion, I now find myself without a car, as Tim is returning from Egypt and driving the car himself at Silverstone.
Now we all know there are loads of Mallocks sitting in garages gathering dust, so how about lending me your car??? I know times are hard and that's why you're not out, but there's no reason why your car can't be out!
Martin Covill has bent over backwards to help build the grids for Brands, giving me and Steve a drive, and I'd like to keep the momentum going.
**** the politics ! ( I hear there have been a lot of those)[I don't do politics - goes straight over me]
Let's get the grids back to where they should be, and before anyone says it's people like me that buggered off and did other things, well, yes, you've got a point.
But I've always been a Clubmans Driver, well since 1980 anyway.
We had a great weekend at Brands. I'd forgotten we always had a laugh and we certainly did on Friday night at the Thistle.
So how about it?
My entry is in and paid for, for Silverstone.
I don't want to cancel it.
Can anyone help??

Re: Anyone got a car????

Doesn't Mallocks have a mk21 for rent?
I will have my first race with clubmans at Silverstone with my mk20 zetec.
(first owned by you 32 years ago)
Hope to see you there.


Onno Zuidema

Re: Anyone got a car????

Glen Eagling has a very nice Mk23 Cup car for sale or hire Tel: 01362 820216

He's also got an even nicer Penfold for sale, but you'd never get your stomach past the steering wheel! Ed'