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Hi All

It is not posisble to arrange dedicated to Clubmans testing at Silverstone on 6 May. Having viewed the BARC event timetable for that weekend they have arranged it as closed wheels and karts.Each group of closed wheels can take 42 cars. If there are enough Clubmans cars who book before testing closes on the silverstone website, then we may well end up with what is effectively a dedicated group.

Please note that only full day testing can be booked at £210 including VAT; no half days are available.

Garages can be booked at an additional £60 inc VAT. In relation to garages I will be sending out a garage plan nearer the time as we are allocated some of the garages for the weekend but Silverstone will endeavour to assist us by putting those people who book garages for testing in the same garages they will occupy over the weekend.

Therefore for those who wish to test, I would suggest that you book online with Silverstone asap. The timetable provides for 4 x 40mins and 1 x 30 min sessions over the whole day, commencing at 0900 and you can see all this on their

See you there!