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Cup tyres

Any news regarding Cup tyres?

I believe Dunlop are running a batch of tyres this month. Can anyone confirm this will happen in time for deliveries prior to Silverstone bearing in mind the number of holidays at the end of the month.

Other than praying for a damp track all weekend. Is there a plan ‘B’ for those who killed their slicks at the brilliant Brands Weekend.



Re: Cup tyres

I understand from Mark Charteris that Dunlop are making our compound in time for Silverstone. Not sure how soon before though - best to call them. Harty (aka Ed')

Re: Cup tyres

I have had communication with Dunlop and they have confirmed they are doing what they can to get a supply of slicks and wets before Silverstone.

I have indicated that at least 60 sets of slicks will be required over the year and at least 20 sets for Silverstone.

Plan B is adjustcornerweights and run on 3 wheels with a pit stop half way round he lap to change where the 3rd wheel goes..