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Hi all.

To all those who are wondering about this newby let me explain.

In "the good old days" I held the prestigous rank of clubman "...hole". I was Martin Mansells mech and then moved on to Chris "Grovel" Smith with the Phantoms. I also assisted other drivers at certain times including Alan Jones, Paul Gibson and Andy Smith.

Although not officially a driver I did have several outings in various cars at various circuits. In those days if Silverstone Sid knew you then you were in. No bio indentities then.

Recently at the sad event of Vernons funeral it dawne don me that even though the hair was thinning and going white, the guts were getting a little larger and the spring was just just a little less in the legs, the eyes of all the old guys still had that "twinkle". In the case of Chris they lit up like fairy lights when he heard that my Julie still had the big babbilons and was as hot as ever.

Yes all you doubters this womanising drunken idiot is still married after 33 years despite a slip or two.

Forget the young upstarts and technology lets have an old farts "do" and yes Jill you are invited. Let us all have far too much to drink, Kimber you are exused, chat about crossflow engines, breaking half shafts on Mallocks and generally bore the tits off anybody under 60. Talking of tits Chris Julie would come, (careful choice of word).

We should do it before we have to attend anymore funerals and lets remember where the Cubmans roots are.


Re: Intro

Is the new surprise mystery driver Katie Price?
yours sincerely
Mrs. Trellis
North Wales

Re: Intro

As long as it is not a chain driven Mallock [or any other brand of Clubmans!] then you should be OK...

Re: Intro

Just Tell me where!!!
Regards Paul

Re: Intro

Paul I recon Mr Hart should organise the do, he seems to be quite good at that sort of thing. I am up for it and I am sure he will be able to find a hotel in the country I am not banned from.

Seriously the guys at the funeral, still cant believe it, had so much to talk about and so little time. It makes sense to to have an "old timers" bash. We just need enough space for the zimmers and St Johns on standby.

I will start a new posting to see if anybody has the balls for it, if not anybody is welcome to Bewdley anytime.