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Proto logo available

I saw some correspondence from people wondering what the Proto logo is. I put together the brochure for the 2010 Autosport Show and can make the logo (and the brochure in pdf) available. This is the logo worn by the Gibson cars.

For the files Click on or

Also, for vinyl, it can be set in Neuropol regular (not bold) in red with or without the shadow and it's essentially the same.

It would be great if the Standing Committee could confirm here that this is still the logo for Proto in 2011 and that drivers should display it on their cars. Also, shall we ask Cup runners NOT to wear it as that's a bit confusing? Over to you guys.



Re: Proto logo available

There was a discussion at the AGM that Proto cars might run with a yellow number background.......
No decision was made to my recollection.