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Spa Summer Classic

Sorry, annoying outsider here again.

Anyone ever thought about taking a group of Clubman Cars across to the Spa Summer Classic in June each year? There are a good bunch of brits racing at this meeting including Monoposto, Sports 2000, CSCC & some SR & GT folks.

Some of the races might be suitable for Clubmans cars. Notably, there is a 30 minute Sports Proto Cup race which usually features Sports 2000 cars & Crossles etc but maybe Clubmans cars could join in too? It would be good to see Clubmans Vs Sports 2000.

Other races over the w/e tend to be endurance type races, although I guess you may be able to fit long range tanks for those that wanted to enter. There is a "Spa Ardennes Challege" (1 1/2 hours) which usually fetures everyhing from old 911s to sports racers & there is also A "Spa long distance race" 4 hrs)which was won by a Sports 2000 car last year.

Finally, Monoposto have a single seater race, which you may be able to join in with as a sub class, if you wanted more race time.

Just (another) thought!