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race calendars

Happy new year all best to everyone and the very best of luck 2011!!! The glass is still half full !!

To our standing commitees can we work hard please to set out the calendars asap i know i am stating the bleeding obvious, but i think it will help if we know as early as possible, it may help to raise some enthusiasm amongst our members and hopfully increase numbers within both formula,we need all our competitors out this year to keep our wonderful formula strong and alive. see you at all the rounds cheers mark

Re: race calendars

The provisional calendars have now been published and are on the front page of the site.


Re: race calendars

....and although not quite what we asked for I think that the Cup calendar is a pretty good combination of venues. Trying to organise it with BARC is a nightmare, so three cheers for JRC.

See you all at Autosport this week....?