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Clubmans Register PRESS RELEASE

Proto PRESS RELEASE issued today.

The Clubmans Register – NEWS

Clubmans Proto allow engine choice

We have 'opened' the Proto class of BARC Clubmans Cup so that it is not restricted to the uprated 1600cc 215bhp MG K engine.

The amended Proto class will now be for any production based 4 cylinder car engine maximum 2000cc and 240bhp using a 4 forward speed, or 5 forward speed gearbox [but no transaxles] which can be sequential with paddle shifts.

We also for the first time ever permit bike engines, 4 cylinders maximum and 1300cc with 240 bhp maximum and a 6 forward speed sequential.

The Proto class will race alongside the existing Cup class which uses the stock 1600cc 130bhp MG K engine.

The Clubmans chassis regulations remain unchanged.

For more information email:

Re: Clubmans Register PRESS RELEASE

I have taken the liberty of copying the press release on to the 10-Tenths forum here:

& the Pistonheads forum here: a budget race series

Feel free to join in & get the series talked about!

Re: Clubmans Register PRESS RELEASE

Good News; thank you Clubmans for opening up the Proto class.

I will run my Mallock Suzuki in all the 2011 Proto rounds if I can find a suitable driver to share half the season with Tim. I don't want any payment for the car and would like to use it to encourage someone new or a victim of the recession back into our ranks. Suggestions please.

I am also offering a Vauxhall Mallock 30 for free for the season to Steve, a protégée suggested by Marcus.
Marcus, or he and Adrian, have offered to run the car free if I provide it.

I think we can count on three further new Proto entries at the start of the season so if Paul and Daniel Gibson keep the faith (please!)we should have 8 or 9 in addition to the Cup cars.

Re: Clubmans Register PRESS RELEASE

Absolutely fantastic - thank you Martin. Over to the Cup/Proto guys to let me know who they choose so we can get maximum publicity. Ed'

Re: Clubmans Register PRESS RELEASE

Justin Foley!

Re: Clubmans Register PRESS RELEASE

Justin is living permanently in Thailand
Oh Phuket!

Re: Clubmans Register PRESS RELEASE

This further Press Release was issued today:

PRESS RELEASE - 5th December 2010
Clubmans Sponsored Drives
The Clubmans Register is offering a free season’s shared drive next year in the new BARC Clubmans Proto class.
The Suzuki engined 190bhp Mallock being offered is owned by Clubmans stalwart Martin Covill and has previously been run in selective non-Clubmans races for his son Tim. Because Tim can only compete for half the BARC Clubmans Championship next season Martin has invited the Club to offer a new driver, or “victim of the recession” the opportunity to race his car, without cost, for the remaining half season. Contact for details.
The new Clubmans Proto class is for up to 240bhp 2litre engines with optional 5 speed sequential paddle-shift gearboxes. The new class will race alongside the existing MG 1600cc K engined Cup cars in the BARC Championship.
At the same time Martin Covill is also sponsoring ex-hod rod ace Steve Everson for a full 2011 season in the Proto Vauxhall Mallock he shares with Irishman Ciaran Dempsey. Steve has been the mechanic for series regular Marcus Bicknell for several seasons and showed remarkable speed at three of the season’s non-championship rounds where he drove the Bicknell car.