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Loton Park Hillclimb Update

Mark and I had a very successful and enjoyable time last weekend at the final round of the RAC British Hillclimb championship, in the Clubmans 'Supersports' class, competing on the Welsh boarder, just outside Shrewsbury.

We had a lot of work to do sorting out the downforce, the damping, the braking ratios, scrubbing in tyres and pads, sorting out the 12 gear changes and we only had a total of 10 miles between us!

Mark finished a very creditable 2nd in the class, and I, with my decades of experience (see Mtorsport Nws write up), came 3rd.

On the tree-lned main twisty banked 'straight', we were getting up to about 90mph, which felt awesome... Until we watched the top 10 cars, doing apparently 138mph, producing a ton of downforce, with sparks flying off in all directions! Mike Evans and Michelle were well impressed.

Mark's immaculate car created a lot of interest and two ex-Mallock owners said they were seriously considering starting racing in the future. Also I handed out a lot of brochures about the racing.

All weekend Mark kept improving his starting technique, getting it down to 2.25 seconds for the first 64ft, comparing favourabley with the 800bhp Formula cars of 1.89 seconds.

Hopefully we can do some more next year and I can pursuade Bob out.

The final icing on the cake was that ex-Mallock owner Martin Groves clinched the overall championship the week before at Doune and won Loton in his 800bhp single seater Gould by 1/100th of a second on the final run of the day!