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How the other half live (Part 2)

Enjoyed the Shelsley hillclimb so much i have decided to do the forthcoming RAC round at Loton park. 10 miles west of Shrewsbury. This time sharing it with our newly crowned 2010 Classic A sport champion Mark Charteris.
We are putting a set of soft slicks on removing the oil cooler mirrors fire extinguisher 4.9 LSD soft pads and a timing strut.
Might end up running some more downforce.
It will be intersting to see how we fair against other hill climb cars.
It's a 2 day event if anyone would like to come and see us its the weekend of 25/26th September

Re: How the other half live (Part 2)

Remove the what!! You had better check the Blue Book but I think you will find that plumbed in fire extiguishers systems are still required in Hillclimbs.I rememebr having to fit one in my hillclimb car many years ago and I guess things haven't changed since then

Re: How the other half live (Part 2)

Jim does not run one on Beagle Mk5....

Re: How the other half live (Part 2)

It seems times have changed. I note S 10.1.13 has the word "recommended" in the text.