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Acknowledgements and Thanks for assistance at Snetterton!

It's been a busy week! However Alex and I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank all those who assisted howsoever with the repairs to Alex' Vision last Friday after the testing rose-joint failure and consequential damage. The whole exercise was a display of the cameraderie that exists in the Club and crossing the Championship 'boundaries'. The following deserve special mention and thanks:

Steve [Marcus' mechanic]

Steve Campbell and his mechanic/helper

Ian Megson

Gavin Childs

Dick Mallock who came to the rescue with a new ball joint

John Harrison who proferred a useable rose-joint!

All others who proferred moral support and appropriate humour!

Alex and Jamie

Re: Acknowledgements and Thanks for assistance at Snetterton!

A agree with Jamie and would also like to thank all those who helped to get my car into Sundays race. Nose frames appeared from nowhere without any of us asking. Ian Megson was very helpful assisting to modify the nose frame to suit my car, Paul Freeman for checking the alignment to name just two. The support we received was fantastic all round.

Thanks to everyone who helped!!

Clubmans is still the best club championship!!

Roll on Rockingham