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Snetterton driving standards.

I watched the GP highlights on return from Snetterton (how sad is that!?) and was appalled to see Schumacher up to his old tricks against Rubens.

On Saturday I watched Paul Webb and Dan Eagling swapping places about 15 times over the race distance, each giving no quarter but each leaving room for the other. They both raced at near lap-record pace therefore not allowing the very close Spencer McCarthy (and equally fair driver) to take advantage of the side-by-side dicing of the Mallock and Penfold ahead.

If any budding Schumachers are reading this - bugger-off to other formulae, we don't want you.

Re: Snetterton driving standards.

So glad to see that Political Correctness has not infected our Driving Standards Officer..........

Re: Snetterton driving standards.

I should qualify my comments by noting I don't consider ANY of our current drivers to be remotely like Schumacher. Our standards are high in comparison to many other formulae.
Schumacher, is past his bugger-off date by a considerable margin, but meanwhile begets a generation of drivers who believe it's OK to endanger life.

End of rant but feeling much better for it.

Re: Snetterton driving standards.

....and I didn't have to finish any sentences for you and you even remembered who you are! Brilliant! Keep it up!