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re. brands lap record

Well done to Dan Gibson on Club cup record in the Nemisis K sport spec car.
Its a Shame that the Proto Car could not get near the classic lap times, since it has 215 bhp, paddle/programable shift gearbox,high spec chassis etc (£60000.00 plus) i would have thought it would have achieved a time in the low 46 sec bracket, maybe the Vision cars from the 80s were able to do just that !!! Cadwell time for Visions was 3 seconds quicker?? than the current A sport Classic time, so it stands to reason that the same must be true for Visions at Brands!!!
Maybe Vision is the way to go instead of a Nemisis !!!!!!!!!! (Start building them again)

On a more serious note what a great weekend, great racing,fab weather,and a good Classic grid.
Hope to see you all at castle Combe, don't forget the SUMMER BALL

Re: re. brands lap record

Thank you for your ditto Mark.
Lets spell the facts out to you.
The new Proto car has had very little testing in fact 30 laps or so round Pembrey and yes it will do 46's round Brands Hatch once sorted.
As for the Visions of the eighties the records speak for themselves
1 min 24.8 Cadwell Park
1 min 5.9 Doninngton Park (Ray Edge)
1 min 15.7 Thruxton
1 min 34.8 Doninngton GP
44.1 Mallory Park
So when you get near them give me a call.
I would dearly love to compete against you Guy's in Classics with a Vision however youre Lord and Master precludes this for what reason he is frightened you will all get blown away even by a 57 year old.

Re: re. brands lap record

Just to clarify, are the Vision records referred to in Vauxhall engined cars?

Could Visions be built again?

Re: re. brands lap record

A class cars I believe!

Good to see that friendly banter persists!

I imagine that if you want a Vision there is a man who would oblige... [see previous posting!]

Of course Alex in the basic Cup engined 1985 Vision [with 40,000kg bodywork!:)]last weekend could 'only manage' a 49.990 but then it had only had 30 laps testing round Brands on Friday having been radically re-spec'd on Thursday... just wait 'til it gets the super slippery new bodywork on it..and the boy gets a mechanic/engineer who has even half an idea what he is doing

Re: re. brands lap record

Funnily enough a 59 year old beat me on sunday (Sorry Ray hope everyone knows your age, well they do now!!!) Yes, Vision times very impressive indeed, however I assume they were set during a slightly different era than we race in classic!!! Presumably the engines were un-resticted, un-silenced and super sticky tyres used. Maybe some circuits have changed slightly since then!!!.

Re proto I have long thought that the latest Clubmans cars ought to be quicker than the Classics,hopfully you will get the protos sorted soon and create news about clubmans in general.
Meanwhile if you (a 57 year old want to blow us away)get your elegible Mallock MK20 out and thrash us in classic. Bring it on Xx

Re: re. brands lap record

The circuits I refer to are unchanged.
The tyre infact are the tyres I introduced all those years ago. Why would I want to race a mallock when in fact the majority of the classic cars are not from that era anyway. They are totally rebuilt copiies that is why it is such a farce. I have a true Vision in mind that is totally genuine albeit it is an 83 car. The only difference in the engines as far as I am aware is that we dispenced withe the distributor and we which I developed had offset roller bearing rockers. You have the same but standard offset.

Re: re. brands lap record

They where 1700cc pushrod engines. Not Vauxhall

Re: re. brands lap record

I think the vast majority of cars in classic are correct and from the correct era.If any are copies then they are correct copies which fit the regulations, which are for cars designed up to 1981 and are therefore eligible for classic.
Our engines are restricted with a carb choke up to a maximum of 38mm. The camlift is restricted in an effort to extend engine life.This is certainly different for the era.