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Impressive old video on youtube

A clubmans race at Mallory Park, in 1971, with Malcom Jackson coming 2nd!!
And Richard Mallock in an F.Ford race!

Not sure if its been put up there by anyone on here, but thought you'd all enjoy seeing it.

Re: Impressive old video on youtube

Ah.......when men were men, breakfast was salted pork dripping on white bread and butter, I could do 72mph without going to jail, and entry fees were two and sixpence. Fantastic Ed' - thanks. I recognise Geoff Friswell from his helmet (what?!) and I think others are Derek Walker in his Ladybird, Sid Marler in his Ellova, David Orbell the spinner in his Mark 11, and the green Mallock looks like Richard Mallock. Anyone else care to take a guess at the drivers? Harty.