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Brands Hatch 5/6 June

Message to all competitors for Brands Hatch

The Board reminds Cup competitors with Cup Class cars running front cycle type mudguards that they are eleigible and welcome to take part in the Classic races in Class E Invitation.


Re: Brands Hatch 5/6 June

There is an updated timetable on the BARC site - now on Issue 7.
Looks like Mazda's have been dropped but an extra race for CTCRC.
The effect is that qualifying session times stay the same, the Sat races for Classic and Cup are now 20/25 mins later and Sunday's Classic race is now 35 mins earlier.

Full details here >

Re: Brands Hatch 5/6 June

would classics alow all none mud guard cars to enter in a seperate class as id be up for a second and third race for a bit of fun?!!!!