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Its All Relative

For those of you feeling a little aggrieved over how far it is to Pembrey or Cadwell next weekend and worrying about the cost of fees and fuel etc, I thought you would enjoy a bit of a chuckle about what we were up to last weekend.

After an intensive two months of totally rebuilding a 1964 Mk4 F3 Mallock, towing for a 2000 mile four day round trip to Monte Carlo, £250 of tolls, buying racing fuel at £120 for 25 litres and to cap it off an entry fee of 4,300 Euros.

Anyway, our American driver from Nevada got into the car on the Saturday morning for the first time to qualify at 07:30, but unfortunately on the second lap selected the wrong gear over the start finish line and slammed it into the unforgiving wall at 80mph, rendering the car unrepairable at the circuit.
Tupper and the team were still upbeat, and continued to enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

To look on the positive side, up to that point the Mallock had recieved tremendous interest culminating with me being interviewed on T.V and radio Monaco. I had a short chat with Jacky Stewart about last time (1964) when he raced here with Arthur and how he remembered it. However, without a doubt the highlight of the weekend was to see the little Mk 4 bouncing over the swimming pool chicanes sounding absoloutly gorgeous with no silencer at 9,300rpm. This reminded me of Arthur 47 years ago when i was helping.

As they say, thats motor-racing.

Re: Its All Relative

Great account Richard.
Sounds like a superb weekend - wish I'd been there!

Ah, nostalgia isn't what it used to be........!

Re: Its All Relative

........and the Harts stumbled upon Team Mallock in Monaco town centre, post-crash. An enjoyable lunch followed (very nice Bourgogne!). Best of all was after qualifying when the circuit gates were opened and the public strolled through the tented Paddock - amongst the rows of mouth-watering racing cars a little green and silver Mallock stood out with hordes of knowledgeable and interested people ignoring all the other cars. Despite the damage, Arthur's heritage was proudly displa*** and reminded me of his "U2 can race" slogan alongside the millions of pounds worth of machinery in that row of tents. Harty.

Re: Its All Relative

Fantastic its shows heritage pays and of course true british if not ENGLISH spirit.
Well Done Paul

Re: Its All Relative

Thanks for reminding us what it's all about Dick. Yikes I hope our entry fees don't head that way !!
Obviously there are lots of clips posted on YouTube ref Monaco including your car in the paddock, (including a demonstration on how to tie your shoe laces...).
It's about half way through this clip.

Re: Its All Relative

Thanks for that,- most people commented on my dirty knees, but it is Monte Carlo after all.