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NEC Classic Car Show - November

Is the Register aware that the Classic Motor Show at the NEC in November each year has completely free stand space to Bone Fide Motor Clubs to put cars on display? The organisers consider that the cars are the stars so why should you pay to display? A refreshing attitude. It has not been particularly motor sport orientated until the last couple of years but both the CSCC & HSCC had stands last year & CSCC the year before with about 4 cars on display on each occasion. It all helps get the "brand" out there & I would suggest that a fair few classic car enthusiasts would recognise "Clubmans" & would be interested to see that its still going. It might start to get people talking about the formula; it might get mgazine coverage. You may or may not get some "trade" out of it but all it costs is a few people's time to man the stand & it might just be one element to trying to grow interest again.

There has been a Hillclimb Mallock there the last couple of years - belonging to a Royal Navy Helicopter Pilot - it was on the Royal Navy recruiting stand as part of a display by the RN Motorsports Club.

The CSCC would not claim to have had masses of business out of it in terms of new members etc but the stand generated interest & we view it as just one small part of our overall marketing campaign. We probably would not do it if the stand had to be paid for but, being free, its good value for money!

I would have thought that a display that showed the evolution of Clubmans car from some form of early car through to the latest Protos would be quite interesting, particularly if a link can obviously be made between the Locaterfield species and Clubmans racing cars.

Just a thought!

Going away, again, now. The last 3 posts have all been from this non member, sorry!