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Oulton Park

Following the events at the weekend I would like to say thank you to all who helped out and showed concern for my well being with support and best wishes, both at the circuit and since, via e-mails and phone calls. I have to say the marshals and medics were excellent with their care and attention and would not be rushed even though I was sitting in petrol! The NHS, which often gets a bad press, were excellent and made sure I was fit enough to be released. Special thanks go to Howard and Lynn for their concern, help and offers to tow the outfit home. Thanks to all those who helped to get the car into the trailer including the team from Huntingdon Regional College. The boys and girls gained an important part of their Motorsport curriculum by leaning how to load a wreck into a trailer! Also I would like to thank Paul and Jean Webb for their help and for arranging a local campsite for us for Saturday night - it made the journey home so much easier on Sunday morning. Last but by no means least, a thank you to Sue Mallock for looking after Hazel while I was being extracted from the car which for her seemed like hours. Truly if nothing else, the true spirit of Clubmans shone through.