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Oulton Park

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone for their hospitality both on and off the Track at Oulton Park and trust we didn`t cause too many frustrations - an interesting day which we both found very enlightening to say the least !

Many thanks again

Brian and Trish

Re: Oulton Park

Dear Brian and Trish

I hope that you really enjoyed your day at Oulton. Sorry I did not get to chat to you in person. The day was quite unusual in that we never typically squeeze in two qualification sessions and two races in one day -and I'm sure you saw why! Most of us were rushing from pillar to post to get us and the cars ready in time, with little opportunity to catch up with each other and have a social chat.
Obviously the accident during the first qualification session was quite serious, but I hope this has not put you off at all. The great fun about racing with us is that we genuinely are a very friendly and supportive of each other. I actually started racing via the Classic Clubmans Championship in 2001. In fact, I started in your very car! It was very yellow back then, and attracted flies like you would not believe. I'll bring some early pictures along for the next race to show to you. The engine was terribly underpowered initially, but I very gingerly felt my way around the unfamiliar circuits for the first season, trying to keep out of everyones' way whilst they lapped me, and gradually grew in confidence. Throughout that time and right up to today, the great personal challenge of trying to improve year on year, the pure joy of driving as quickly as we do, and of course the mix of lovely people in our championship has given me a new dimension to my life that I'd find very hard to do without. I hope that you stay with us for a long time to come, and gain as much enjoyment from racing with us as we will with you. See you shortly!

Re: Oulton Park

Hear! Hear! Steve. Look forward to seeing you all at Croft.


Re: Oulton Park

Well said Steve, I'll second that !
It was great to see you both and hope you enjoyed the day, hopefully Croft will be a little more relaxed (off the track). Two practices and a race all before lunch does wear you out a bit.
I hope you recovered the nosecone and the Flymo sponsorship stickers will be in place for the next round....