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I was just browsing/ day dreaming and it occured to me that I am not actually sure what the tech regs are for Clubmans, and what the differences are between K-Sports & Classic (apart from obvious ones like "engines"), so I looked on the web site and I could not see either the tech regs or an overview description of what constitutes a "Clubmans" car or "Classic Clubmans" car. (Maybe I am missing the obvious, sorry) So, for eg, are there age retrictions on what can be run in Classic Clubmans; could someone run a Mallock Mk 14 in K-Sport or a Mk 29 with a Crossflow in "Classic"? Is it the chassis age thats important or the engine type - you get my drift, I'm sure? Can someone enlighten me please (and anyone else that might be showing a passing interest)?

If someone was considering building their own chassis (not that I am, but it would be a good university project for one of the many motorsport colleges) how would they find this sort of info out?

Re: Regulations?

Further to my note, above, I have just "googled" for "Clubmans regulations" and I came across this:

and this:

All useful stuff (if a bit dated now) but I can't see a link to this info on the existing clubmans web site.

Is it possible that this sort of info could be updated and provided behind a "button" on the web site?

Re: Regulations?

All the information you are looking for is at these links:

While not the first place you might think of looking, it makes sense to me to use the BARC site as the primary location of the information for the sake of consistency and ease of keeping up-to-date.
Hope this helps

Re: Regulations?

Mike, Thanks for the reply. I must admit I don't agree. If I was an interested observer and I saw a Clubmans race at a circuit , or a race report, and wanted to know more I would type "Clubmans cars", "Clubmans racing", "Classic clubmans" or Clubmans K-Sport 1600 in to Google and I would probably get to this web site. If I then look around this site to find an overview of the cars or what Clubmans is all about, or the tech specs I can't see it.

Such info used to be available on the old Clubmans web site, c Year 1999/2000 and I think is a basic requirement. As I have highlighted above, some info is clearly still "stored" on the web somewhere but isn't accesible via this site. I think it should be.

At the very least, can't a link to the BARC regs be provided?

Re: Regulations?


Clicking on the BARC shield on the left sidebar will take you straight to the BARC site where the regulations can be found.
I deliberately have not put a permanent link on the Clubmans site as it would cease to work if the BARC changed the file name on their site, whereupon I would be bombarded with comments to the effect that the links to the regulations were giving "404 - not found" errors. Similarly if a copy of the regs was carried on this site and BARC subtly altered something I would be bombarded with complaints about out of date regs being on the site.
Next time I edit the front page I shall put a headline saying something like "For the latest Clubmans regulations please visit the BARC website." Would this help?


Re: Regulations?

I guess so, Brian, thanks, but I also think that there should be a short(ish) statement on the clubs home page about the history of clubmans racing and the philosophy behind both K-Sports & Classic.