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PROTO latest news

As the Cup PROTO class evolves and our Partners (DVA, Minister and Paul Freeman) start the first engine builds, it's looking as though a once-only 190bhp+ upgrade will be the way forward, thereby moving immediately to the 2011 spec' engine which can be used with either 4 or 5 speed H or sequential boxes.

Silverstone Club circuit 55secs, Snetterton 1min 8secs??
More news w.c.8th Feb'. Watch this space! Ed'

Re: PROTO latest news

A final spec' and cost is to be published on Friday 12th Feb' which brings together the skills of DVA, Minister and Paul Freeman. The spec' will produce 200bhp and can be used with existing 4 speed transmission. The first batch of 4 engines are expected to be dyno'd within the next 3 weeks. Ed'

Re: PROTO latest news

Slight delay in the final costings for upgrade or complete engine. Expect to publish costs by next Tuesday 16th Feb'. What we know so far is that engine will be 1800cc crank/rods with power around 208bhp with revs limited to 7800rpm. Ed'

Re: PROTO latest news

See separate post for spec' and cost. Ed'