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Follow up meeting to the Clubmans Cup workshop

Thanks to the 34 highly motivated people who attended the workshop last Saturday. The level of engagement was impressive. Thanks from me- made my life easy...!

We agreed which are the key issues and four teams took them away to develop proposals to be put before us at a follow up meeting on the afternoon of the Dinner Dance.
This will be at 3pm in the Hampton and Loxley room at the Stratford Manor Hotel on 21 Nov.

Owners of currently eligible Clubmans Cup cars will be able to vote on the proposals.

The teams will be presenting proposals on;
(i) Engine power/two class structure
(ii) Driving standards
(iii) Minimum weight inc driver
(iv) Promotion inc website

See you then!

Re: Follow up meeting to the Clubmans Cup workshop

Bang goes my vote then!

Even though I do own a Clubmans Car that I may wish to convert to a Clubmans Cup car, but again, that will depend on certain changes to the formula that I have no say in.

Bang goes also anyone who in the past who has driven in Clubmans let alone the Cup who has sold a car, but may come back if they could see a change.

I don't expect every TOM DICK OR HARRY (although those names have driven in Clubmans) to have a vote, but anyone who has invested in the past to the club by being a driver member should have a say.

What about the ones who were invited and managed to attend the workshop who don't have a car at present!!!

I ceratinly don't think that all 34 who attended and contributed have cars and the rate at which the grids have declined, lets hope you get more than 10 drivers voting, because if not, then what's the point.

Re: Follow up meeting to the Clubmans Cup workshop


Rather than sounding off as Mr Angry in a public forum, why not e mail me privately to discuss?


Re: Follow up meeting to the Clubmans Cup workshop

Tom behave you will get banned

Re: Follow up meeting to the Clubmans Cup workshop

Hi all, as a participant in the initial Clubmans Cup Workshop but could not attend the follow up meeting, I would be interested in any decisions and/or conclusions made on the day. Cheers.

Re: Follow up meeting to the Clubmans Cup workshop

Hello Colin, Sorry we haven't provided any feedback since the meeting.

Essentially the outcomes were as follows;

(i) It was unanimously agreed to adopt a Driving Standards Charter and it will be a condition of entering the championship to sign up to this.A Driving Standards Officer will be appointed by the club to administer this.

(ii) A proposal ref minimum weight to include car and driver was rejected. The minimum weight limit of the car alone will continue.

(ii) A long discussion ref a faster class took place and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of four alternatives were considered. Eventually it was agreed that in 2010 a 'prototypeclass will be introduced - current vehicle regs except a lightened flywheel (Caterham part) will be allowed along with 5 speed gearboxes. The existing class remains unaltered. A working party (Paul Gibson, Richard Mallock, Paul Freeman and Howard Payne) will consider the options of a more powerful engine including modified K series and Duratec to make a recommendation no later 1/4/2010. Some cars are expected to run to this spec in the 'invitation class' of some races in 2010 before being adopted in 2011 as the prototype class. Longer term, a manufacturer supported engine possibly using bio fuel will be investigated by Paul Gibson.

I hope this is an accurate account. If not I feel sure I will be corrected...!

Best wishes, Pete