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Donington spectacle and live filming.

All, it was great to see such a well supported event on Saturday and from what I could hear via TSL commentary the racing was exciting close and fair. I was with a friend in the Sports 2000 paddock early on and they remarked that the Clubmans cars were as fast as the fastest Sports 2000s!!

As I said, once home I listened to the Clubmans commentary, but I watched the Sports 2000 race live on Facebook - wow, what a way to reach fans, followers and racers a like. These cars looked seriously impressive on screen - rapid, close racing and all at the same lap times as Clubmans. Surely that would mean our grids of cars would look equally impressive…….

As much as I don't like our iphone culture, it is with us and is also more prevalent in the Clubmans racers of the future. I do however embrace progress and with platforms like Facebook/you tube supported by circuit filming and commentary we have the capability now to be reaching out to many thousands of racers, fanatics and fans and really show the world what a hidden gem Clubmans is.

But in short, lets get Clubmans races broadcast live with commentary, advertise the fact and give the world something far more exciting that those "farty" sounding computer controlled boring technical masterpieces that are F1 cars.

Re: Donington spectacle and live filming.

See link for live video:

You'll have to copy link into your address bar as the forum doesn't seem to recognise it is a link.....

Re: Donington spectacle and live filming.

Regarding live streaming, this comes at a cost of £300 to £1000 per race, which has to be paid by the individual series. This is something we are exploring, so watch this space. Colin Jackson’s footage is available on Facebook or can be viewed on YouTube where we have setup the “Clubmans Sports Prototype’ please subscribe to this which will help publicise our excellent cars