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Towing by the roll bar

A nasty accident occurred recently when a race car having broken down was being towed back into the paddock. The car was being towed by its roll bar, with the driver seated in the car. On entering the paddock there was some confusion, with the towing vehicle and race car heading in different directions, resulting in the race car being pulled over and the driver receiving serious injuries. If being towed then please ensure both drivers agree on where they are heading and the towed car should always follow the towing vehicle.

Re: Towing by the roll bar

Mike, having had several dodgy experiences over the years being towed by the rollover bar I fabricated a towing bracket that fits to the driver's side top wishbone front pivot bolt. It fits directly to the rear end of this bolt, under the locknut, and does not require bolt removal to fit it. Next season I plan to fit a modified higher capacity version. For illustrations see here

If this link doesn't open I'll have try another route

As currently installed it is less than ideal, but it is adequate to take the towing loads when towed on tarmac. If my car was able to roll, but needed towing from a gravel trap, towing would be done initially via the roll bar and the tow rope transferred to the towing bracket for the tarmac tow. The Schroth towing eye strap attached to the bracket has this clearly marked on it (see illustrations) i.e.
Tarmac Tow Only
Gravel Tow: Use Rollover Bar

After my engine ‘went’ at Brands Sept 2020 I was towed back to the pits via this bracket with no problems. The tow truck driver and the marshal had no problems recognising how it needed to be used, and indicated that if they were towing me out of a gravel trap they'd not have a problem using the rollbar first and then transferring the tow rope to the towing bracket.

The tow truck driver (‘Dave’ of D & something?? Recovery) was excellent and took maximum care to avoid snatch loads. Unfortunately the unavoidable slopes and pedestrian saving halts required on the paddock return trip lead to the inevitable snatch loads when the tow rope went slack/tight. Loading was enough to put a very small bend in the bracket but without detriment to its strength/function or the bracket’s mounting and the integrity of the chassis. I’ll be modifying it for next season to improve the loadpath with the target of raising its capacity.
Clearly this arrangement works better for cars with cycle wings where a proprietary bolt on towing strap is to be fitted, however the bracket’s location is worth considering for all-enveloping cars as a starter for ten, the key factor being separating the lower ‘Tarmac rolling tow’ loads from the heavier embedded/drag loads from a gravel trap.

Re: Towing by the roll bar

The link Brendan has provided to his illustrations doesn't work. My bad, some infomation I gave Brendan off the top of my head was almost correct but wrong.

To see the file CLICK HERE

Re: Towing by the roll bar

Guys for heavens sake! Top tip... follow the tow truck even if he goes the wrong way...when he eventually stops renegotiate the plan. Talk about making it difficult just because someone thought it was a good idea to go his own way..never going to work is it? Clearly he's never done water-skiing. And if you have a towing eye what then?..can't imagine the outcome of going your own way will be pretty. Forgive my exasperation.