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Information for Classic Clubmans competitors

Following on from the recent news that the HSCC will not be supporting a Classic Clubmans Championship in 2021, We wish to inform you about the Clubmans Register (CR) series that you are eligible to enter. The ClR has continued to run classes for Classic Clubmans cars since their introduction. They are able to run alongside the newer Clubmans cars.

For 2020, the Clubmans Register series has moved from the BARC to MSV (more details below). A calendar of 6 meetings at 6 circuits had been arranged, starting at Donington in mid April, then Snetterton, Silverstone, Oulton Park, Croft and finishing at Brands Hatch in late September. The meetings comprised of 15 mins practice and either 2 x 15 min races at a single day meetings and 3 x 15 min races at the 2 day meetings. Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the delayed start for the racing, the calendar has been changed to :-

Oulton Park 25th July - 2 races, entry fee £370
Croft 5th/6th September – 3 races, entry fee £490
Brands Indy 19th/20th September - 3 races, entry fee £520
Donington 24th October - 2 races, entry fee ca £390

A single registration fee is required to compete in the series, this is paid to the Clubmans Register. Reduced registration fees for those wishing to compete at a single of two meetings are available, entries are handled by the CR. The CR buys the track time from MSV and any profit made from the entries is held by the CR. If at the seasons end there is a considerable profit after buying the track time, purchasing trophies etc, then this will be returned pro-rata to those who have competed.

‘A’ class CC cars currently compete in Clubmans Sports Prototype (CSP) 1 class, alongside the 200bhp Clubmans car class and CC class ‘D’. A class cars don’t need to be fitted with the CC control camshaft and can use a range of tyres as per the regulations.

‘B’ class CC cars run is CSP3, along with any CC ‘C’ class cars
For further information or to register please contact Peter Richings who is looking after registration and entries at:- or or 07798 534704
Information is also available at
Facebook – search ‘Clubmans’

If you have a Classic Clubmans car and haven’t competed for several years, then I would like to find out the reason why and if there is anything the Clubmans Register can do to enable you to race your car in the future. If so, then please contact me at or 07798 534704

Background to the Clubmans Register series in 2020

Following over 40 years of competing in races organised by the BARC, the Clubmans Register series moved to MSV for 2020. The BARC, like many other organising clubs, has in recent years been making substantial losses in organising club racing. For 2019 the Clubmans Register (along with many race series) were required to lodge a £5000 bond with the BARC to cover any potential losses incurred in running the Clubmans series. The CR lost a very small amount of this bond. For 2020 the BARC moved to a track time purchase model, this also being implemented by many organising clubs. However, the BARC offered a poor calendar, starting in mid March and at several circuits where Clubmans entries are generally low and hence the CR was likely to lose a considerable sum of money in 2020.

Hence the CR approached several organising clubs and are pleased to announce a tie up with MSV. This resulted in a calendar starting at Donington in mid April and visit the popular circuits for Clubmans competitors at roughly monthly intervals. This approach appears to be favoured by the Clubmans competitors. A registration fee of £150 is paid to the CR, no other club fees are payable. The entry fee’s are decided by the CR and pitched to break-even if there are ca 22 cars entered. If at the seasons end there is a considerable profit after buying the track time, purchasing trophies etc, then this will be returned pro-rata to those who have competed.

At each meeting a Clubmans Register catering service is provided, tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided throughout the days, along with bacon butties in the morning and at selected meetings a BBQ is provided in the middle evening. However, due to the covid-19 situation this service is unlikely to be provided in 2020.

The Clubmans Registers ethos is to make the racing weekends as enjoyable and stress free as possible. The Clubmans camaraderie is normally evident with everyone trying to ensure any competitors who have problems are helped as much as possible.

If you require more information then don’t hesitate to contact me on 07798 534704 or at