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Re: Fire extinguishers and FIA list numbers

Hi Steve
As I understand it you must comply with Motorsport UK regulation K3, the relevant system being 3.1.3 below - ie plumbed in discharging into the engine bay and the cockpit using 2,25 litres of AFFF or ZERO 2000 extinguishant. A good example is Lifeline 360 Firemarshal 2,25kg system.
We really want to see you out in Clubmans next year
Best wishes, Pete

Table 3
Minimum quantity of extinguishant (3)
Reference Description AFFF ZERO 2000
3.1.1 Small, hand-operated 1.75 litres N/A
3.1.2(a) Medium, plumbed-in, for discharge into both cockpit 2.25 litres 2.25 litres
and engine compartment
3.1.2(b) Medium, hand-operated, for discharge into both cockpit 1.75 litres N/A
and engine compartment
3.1.3 Large, plumbed-in, for discharge into both cockpit and engine 2.25 litres 2.25 litres
3.1.4 (plumbed) Large, plumbed-in, for discharge into engine compartment 2.25 litres 2.25 litres
3.1.4 (hand-held) Medium, hand-held for Driver or Rally Co-Driver use 1.75 litres N/A
3.1.5 Hand-operated for cockpit (International) 2.4 litres N/A