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Championship announcement

Re: Championship announcement

The decision to leave BARC is brilliant. Be it known that they were the biggest reason for me leaving Clubmans. I could only feel the extraordinary damage they were (and still are) doing to club racing in the UK and the spiral of costs. I walked into the brand ne but totally empty "Media Centre" (the quote marks indicated by two fingers of each hand in the air and woggling) at Thruxton in September, wondering how many amateur racers pounds were "invested" in it. Flagrant waste.

Secondly, the decision to go with MSVR is genius. Because they own the circuits they are a true bellweather of the price of putting on races. Nor do I think they overcharge.

Thirdly, I must now try to find a clubmans car to borrow/steal and I have noted the race dates in my diary.

Well done everyone